We proudly use catalyzed sealers and catalyzed lacquers for maximum durability on all of our products. Our “sealing” process with multiple coats of sealer and lacquer has proven to stand up to today’s, and tomorrow’s, heavy use.

The various paint and stain options we offer are available to you in single or two tone combinations.

Custom color options are available.
WM17 Dark Walnut
WM29 Warm Cherry
WM40 Espresso
WM42 Charcoal
WM43 Light Mahogany
WM44 Glenoak
WM45 Ginger
WM49 Clear Coat
WM54 Coffee
WM55 Barndoor
WM56 Baja
WM57 Slate
WM77 Candlelite
WM82 Rosewood
WM84 Aged Cherry
WM905 Moss Washed
WM908 Exalted Blue Washed
WM909 Periwinkle Blue Washed
WM930 Black Onyx Washed
WM941 Bleached White Washed
Finishes will vary from photo, finished wood samples available upon request.